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Virginia, Maryland, & D.C. Tile Roofing

When you’re looking for new roofing in Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia, consider tile, which is the most popular roofing product in the world, according to The Roofing Institute. And it’s easy to see why: tile roofing offers outstanding durability, energy-efficiency, and protective qualities. To help you decide if tile roofing is right for your home, American Custom Contractors has broken down the unique benefits of each type.

Tile Roofs in Washington D.C.

You can choose from a variety of different materials for your tile roof, and each comes with its own unique advantages and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common options that American Custom Contractors offers:

  • Clay – One of the most common options, clay is an excellent choice for longevity. Natural clay tiles can last for centuries, withstanding wind, rain, and moisture. The color of your tile also won’t fade over time, which limits homeowner maintenance.
  • Concrete – A cost-efficient material, concrete offers a lifespan of up to 50 years at a cost that can’t be beat. This reliable material is fireproof and durable in all climates.
  • Metal – A major advantage of metal tile roofing is its versatility. The material’s lightweight structure allows for easy application to homes of all shapes, sizes, and compositions. Metal can also be designed to resemble other roofing materials, such as clay and slate.
  • Synthetic – Homeowners looking for a greener roofing option can look no further than synthetic roof tiles. Most synthetic materials are made from recycled content and help to minimize waste. Add that to an easy installation and you can count on cost-efficiency as well.

Climate Considerations

Some tile roofing options will be better suited for your home based purely on the climate in which you live. Clay tile is an excellent choice for warmer climates, since it effectively reflects heat and is a high thermal mass material. Alternatively, concrete tiles hold up better in colder climates, since they maintain strength during freezing and thawing cycles.

Even with small variations in materials, tile roofing as a whole is highly efficient at preventing freezing from occurring. The naturally-occurring air pocket between the underside of the tile and the roof sheathing maximizes ventilation and minimizes snow and ice accumulation. This prevents all tile materials from expanding and contracting due to temperature changes.

Despite the exceptional durability of tile roofing, roof maintenance and roof repairs are standard home improvement responsibilities. The great thing about tile roofing is that repairs are simple and cost-effective, since the targeted area can easily be replaced with new tiles. Because each tile is its own separate unit, minor damage doesn’t call for a complex repair of a large surface area. Part of the benefit of tile roofing is its limited maintenance requirements. However, you can keep your roof looking new by periodically cleaning and sealing it. Have your tile properly finished before installation to further protect it from oxidization and color fading.

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