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  • Insurance Claims


  • Insurance Claims Specialist in Washington D.C.

    Our team has worked with large-scale commercial property claims, to be sure that your business, church, school, or organization’s building are properly restored through your insurance policy.  Our HAAG Inspectors are Commercial Certified and able to assess damages to a wide variety of roofing materials, and provide the necessary code documentation to your insurance company to be sure that your building is restored properly and protected for years to come.

    Prior to installation we will perform a site walkthrough and provide a detailed outline of the project, including our plans for property protection, material staging, clean-up, safety precautions, and quality inspections.  We understand the importance of minimizing disruption for your tenants, students, workers, and surrounding community and will take all necessary precautions to

    To speak with an Inspector regarding your property claim and how we can assist with restoring your building, call 301-417-1000.