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  • Cedar Shake Roofing


  • Professional Roofing Service for the Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Cedar Shake or Shingle roof systems provide an elegant solution for homeowners looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly roofing material.  Our company sources our cedar shake and shingle through Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau certified mills, and we are certified to install this quality product for both roofing and sidewalls.  When installing a cedar roof you want to be sure that the company you use will follow the CSSB installation guidelines.  Our team has installed thousands of cedar shake and shingle roofs, and can provide additional options for custom copper work to complement this material.

    Our Company & Our Commitment

    Our team has decades of combined experience and we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and quality products to our customers.  When homeowners are in need of a specialty roof replacement, they can count on American Custom Contractors to deliver.  Our company:

          • Established in 1972
          • Family owned and operated
          • Local, licensed, and insured
          • Certified to install specialty roofing products
          • Top Google ratings and reviews
          • HAAG Certified Inspectors

    When you need professional roofing services, call American Custom Contractors at 301-417-1000 schedule an appointment today!