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  • Storm Damage Claims


  • Professional Assistance with Storm Damage Claims

    Damages may occur as the result of snow and ice storms, hail storms, wind storms, interior plumbing or electrical problems, and can cause extensive damages. American Custom Contractors are experienced in both exterior and interior restoration. Our team has worked with thousands of homeowners and agencies (public school systems, property managers, etc.) in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area to help settle claims and complete restoration work for their homes and buildings.

    Insurance Claim FAQs

    Won’t a claim increase my premiums?

    There is no penalty for filing a claim if you suspect catastrophic damage. You also cannot be singled out for a rate increase, regardless of whether the insurance company pays for damages or not. Interestingly enough, hail damage insurance claims have increased 84% since 2010, almost doubling in just two years.

    Why do I need to choose a contracting company – can’t my insurance company help me with that?

    When you file a claim with your insurance company they will send their adjuster to inspect your property. If you find a qualified company to work with your insurance company, you will be working with someone that is representing your best interests. Typically, if you work with an independent company to represent you, the result of the claim will be more favorable, as the insurance company may place their interests before yours.

    Should I get multiple quotes for the work?

    Unlike other replacement projects, you should not be concerned with finding the “lowest price” for the project. In doing this, you will be saving the insurance company money (which does not benefit you or your home) or the insurance company may suspect you of insurance fraud and attempting to make a profit from your claim.

    When should I find a company to represent me?

    It is best if you can find a company before your adjuster inspects the property. Many professional storm restoration companies will inspect your property and advise you whether or not you should pursue claim restoration. They will meet with the adjuster on your behalf and settle the claim fairly. When done properly, the hardest decision you will have is selecting the colors for your new components!

    How should I choose a company?

    Working with a company that you trust and feel comfortable with is the most important part of any insurance claims process. Ask the company about how they will best represent you and your home’s interests. Selecting a local company will also provide you with peace-of-mind, should anything happen to your home that would require future service.

    There are many companies that seek out storm damage and insurance work as their primary source of income. We advise homeowners to take into consideration the following:

    • Is the company local?
    • Do they have a state license?
    • Do they have local employees?
    • Are the license plates for their vehicles local?
    • What experience does the company have with local customers?
    • Can they provide references?
    • What credentials does the company have? (Many companies that seek out storm and insurance claims are not certified by manufacturers and will only restore your home according to the insurance guidelines and settlement!)
    • What warranty would the contractor provide me?
    • Will they be here if I have an issue with my roof in the future?

    No matter what kind of damage your home or building has suffered, count on the pros at American Custom Contractors to help you navigate the insurance claim process. We have many years of experience and have successfully helped thousands of people rectify damages from water, hail, storms, fire and more! Call us at 301-417-1000 for more information or fill out our quick online form to get started today!